Care protocol

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Guests and staff health and safety is always our Hotel’s number one priority. The Hotel has implemented in accordance with EU and local government guidelines on the management of Coronavirus appropriate procedures to safeguard its guests and staff health and safety whilst guests are staying at the Hotel. It is, therefore, essential that all guests using the Hotel facilities strictly follow measures and guidance given by the hotel to prevent infection and virus transmission to a maximum.


In this regard, while staying at the Hotel you must respect any and all related healthcare measures (indicatively including physical distancing, hand washing, use of face masks).


You must stay in your room if you experience at any time during your stay at the Hotel minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, and get in touch with the Hotel’s reception immediately.


Upon departure, you are explicitly requested to immediately notify the Hotel if you develop symptoms associated with COVID-19, or obtain a positive test result for COVID-19, within 14 days following departure.


Feeling happy and optimistic about the gradual de-escalation of the restrictive measures, we anticipate to soon welcome you to a revitalizing environment here at SanSal Boutique Hotel.

To ensure you enjoy the unique holiday experience that we offer, we follow an organized operational plan, in compliance with the latest guidance from the World Health Organization and the Greek government health authorities, focused around the safety of our guests and personnel, without compromising your luxury.

Joy, relaxation and comfort along with our commitment to your health and safety remain our top priorities. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Chania in Crete and provide all you need and more, for an unforgettable holiday in the comfort of a protected environment.

Choose the date, and let us offer you the best.